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Datacenter Dynamics Converged 2015

[:en]The 6th Annual DCD Converged Hong Kong has been put together to deliver enhanced knowledge and networking opportunities to professionals who plan, design, build and operate data center, information technology infrastructure and cloud technology. The conference will address the most [...]

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The Enterprise Cloud Executive Forum 2015 – Verizon

Executive Insights Panel: Getting the Most Out of Enterprises Clouds Cloud service adoption continues at a breakneck speed driven by an enterprise thirst for new technologies that enable applications and infrastructure to operate at peak efficiency, at lower cost. Compounding [...]

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PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014

Smarter business demands a smarter IT. How can businesses break out from current limitations and be faster, more agile, responsive and customer-centric? It's clear that the traditional IT operating model will not suffice. Applications and infrastructure must operate in a [...]

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4th Cloud World Forum Asia 20134th Cloud World Forum Asia 2013

Panel: Time for Innovation – Strategizing Your Next Steps in the Cloud Deciding between public, private or hybrid cloud Does the lure of speedy innovation and flexibility make that decision for you? Building a cloud to meet the needs of [...]

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Financial Services Technology Summit 2012Financial Services Technology Summit

The financial services industry now serves a diversified group of internationally-minded consumers with varied needs and often a growing demand for instant gratification. Hence, banks and financial institutions are increasingly viewing technology as a tool to effectively reshape their customer [...]

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