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Asia Perspectives: Connecting the dots in the digital era

Businesses in the digital era are increasingly connected: from data, applications and networks to talent, partners and processes. In this hyper-connected world, businesses can only excel and be successful when they are connected with the digital ecosystem in different dimensions.  [...]

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CIO-Asia: CIO Conference Hong Kong 2015

Grand debate Moderator: TC Seow, Editor, CIO Asia, Executive Networks Media Debate proposition: “Soon, CIOs will become only operational and it will be the CXOs that will be the technology decision-makers!” Debaters: For the proposition 1) Avneesh Saxena, Group Vice [...]

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The 2nd Banktech Executive Summit 2011

After several years of retrenchment as a result of the global financial turmoil, financial institutions nowadays face an array of chances and challenges. Meanwhile, advanced capabilities are increasingly adopted and these technologies are transforming mature business areas and generating more [...]

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