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Geïnteresseerd om te zien wat ik voor uw organisatie kan betekenen? Ik maak graag een keer een vrijblijvende afspraak om van gedachten te wisselen. Henk ten Bos Marimbalaan 8 3438 GB Nieuwegein telefoon: 06 1551 81 74 e-mail: [...]

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CIO Outlook Magazine – september 2016

Enterprise mobility: still needs a sound businesscase. New technologies usually go through a typical hype-cycle. A few years ago Cloud was the biggest buzzword in the industry. Not soon afterwards every publication and event evolved around “mobile”. Vendors and analyst promised [...]

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Interview: Digital, mobile and the importance of communication to the CIO

We often view the role of the CIO as focused on ensuring that the business is able to leverage information technology to innovate the company’s products and services. Certainly improving productivity, securing the organization’s valued asset – information, and ensuring [...]

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‘The future of IT is bimodal’

Enterprise Innovation, by By Gigi Onag: 'The future of IT is bimodal' Click here for the original publication Companies seeking to transform into digital businesses are casting a wary eye on “bimodal IT”, a catchphrase coined last year by Gartner as a prescriptive organization [...]

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Future Workplace Forum 2015

3 C’s are shaping workplace of tomorrow – Communication, Collaboration and creativity. Devices and technologies for constant communication, collaborative team culture and more productivity will drive the mobile and virtual workforce. Shifting demographic patterns where work life balance to be strike, [...]

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2nd Annual Technology & Innovation – the Future of Insurance

Interactive On Stage Interview: A View From the Top – Transforming the CIO’s role What technology will be the game changer for the insurance industry? How have mobile developments increased the capabilities and effectiveness of agents? What will the claims [...]

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IDC’s Asia/Pacific Enterprise Mobility Conference 2014IDC’s Asia/Pacific Enterprise Mobility Conference 2014

Enterprise Mobility is truly coming of age. Over the past 12 months, nearly all major technology vendors have made mobility one of their key focus areas which have driven awareness and confidence across the enterprise customer base. With this change, [...]

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Ageas keeps agents connected and mobile with Google Apps

Posted on the official "Google for Work Blog": Editor's note: Today’s blogger is Henk ten Bos, Chief Information Officer at Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited, part of the Ageas Group, with nearly 3,000 agents based in Hong Kong. [...]

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