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PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014

Smarter business demands a smarter IT. How can businesses break out from current limitations and be faster, more agile, responsive and customer-centric? It's clear that the traditional IT operating model will not suffice. Applications and infrastructure must operate in a [...]

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Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2013Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2013

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, “Anything as a service”, Advanced Robotics and the Internet of Things – just hype or a new reality that CIO’s and IT Departments must face? As of 2013 over 9 billion devices are connected to [...]

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IBM Executive Summit 2013IBM Executive Summit 2013

The Executive Summit is IBM Hong Kong's annual client event where our most prestigious C-level group of leaders exchange views and examine the latest business and technology trends to enhance enterprise competitiveness. Today, the mobile revolution, social media explosion, digitization, [...]

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