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Panel discussies

CIO-Asia: CIO Conference Hong Kong 2015

Grand debate Moderator: TC Seow, Editor, CIO Asia, Executive Networks Media Debate proposition: “Soon, CIOs will become only operational and it will be the CXOs that will be the technology decision-makers!” Debaters: For the proposition 1) Avneesh Saxena, Group Vice [...]

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‘No easy road to digital transformation’

Enterprise Innovation, by Allen Tan and Nicole Yao: No easy road to digital transformation click here for the original article Financial services companies are urged to take a holistic approach to effectively transform their business for the digital era. This was [...]

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The Enterprise Cloud Executive Forum 2015 – Verizon

Executive Insights Panel: Getting the Most Out of Enterprises Clouds Cloud service adoption continues at a breakneck speed driven by an enterprise thirst for new technologies that enable applications and infrastructure to operate at peak efficiency, at lower cost. Compounding [...]

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Future Workplace Forum 2015

3 C’s are shaping workplace of tomorrow – Communication, Collaboration and creativity. Devices and technologies for constant communication, collaborative team culture and more productivity will drive the mobile and virtual workforce. Shifting demographic patterns where work life balance to be strike, [...]

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Axway Communications 2014 – Hong Kong

Innovations in Cloud, Mobile, Social Media and Big Data are transforming how companies integrate and govern their flows of data. The majority of integrations are increasingly happening across or outside the corporate firewall. This is driving the convergence of API [...]

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3rd Symposium on Risk Management (SRM)3rd Symposium on Risk Management (SRM)

  Symposium Risk Management - panel Both financial risk (Finance Afternoon) and technology risk (Technology Morning) will be addressed, which affect virtually every business today. Renowned regulators, industry leaders and other experts from China, UK, US, Australia, Singapore [...]

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PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014

Smarter business demands a smarter IT. How can businesses break out from current limitations and be faster, more agile, responsive and customer-centric? It's clear that the traditional IT operating model will not suffice. Applications and infrastructure must operate in a [...]

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CIO Leaders Summit Hong Kong CIO Leaders Summit Hong Kong

Keynote Panel Discussion Entering the Era of an Always Connected Workforce - 2014 and Beyond Moderator: Bryan Wang, VP & Principal Analyst, Country Manager – China Region, Forrester Research Panellists: Richard Lowe, Head of IT - Hong Kong, Barclays Ngai [...]

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