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The Enterprise Cloud Executive Forum 2015 – Verizon

Executive Insights Panel: Getting the Most Out of Enterprises Clouds Cloud service adoption continues at a breakneck speed driven by an enterprise thirst for new technologies that enable applications and infrastructure to operate at peak efficiency, at lower cost. Compounding matters more, today’s enterprises are strategically planning for private clouds that judiciously incorporate public cloud services. With promising and cost-effective hybrid options emerging daily, today’s organizations find themselves considering new cloud options at just about every turn. This executive panel will address enterprises’ considerations when moving to the cloud and share practical insights in getting the most out of the clouds. Session discovery topics include:

  • Session Discovery Topics: Latest trends and strategies that are influencing enterprise cloud adaption
  • The enterprise cloud debate: Public, Private or Hybrid? How do potential cloud options measure up to your organization’s overall risk tolerance?
  • Building a secure and compliant cloud environment: best practice and lessons learnt
  • Key considerations when selecting a cloud service provider
  • Getting the most out of enterprises clouds: leading examples and case sharing

Executive Panelists:

  • Sam Tan – EACOM
  • Henk ten Bos – Ageas
  • Francis Fung – Midland Realty
  • Moderator: Lee Field, Verizon
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