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Maandarchieven: juni 2014

3rd Symposium on Risk Management (SRM)3rd Symposium on Risk Management (SRM)

  Symposium Risk Management - panel Both financial risk (Finance Afternoon) and technology risk (Technology Morning) will be addressed, which affect virtually every business today. Renowned regulators, industry leaders and other experts from China, UK, US, Australia, Singapore [...]

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PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014PCCW Solutions Annual Technology Forum 2014

Smarter business demands a smarter IT. How can businesses break out from current limitations and be faster, more agile, responsive and customer-centric? It's clear that the traditional IT operating model will not suffice. Applications and infrastructure must operate in a [...]

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2nd Annual Technology & Innovation – the Future of Insurance

Interactive On Stage Interview: A View From the Top – Transforming the CIO’s role What technology will be the game changer for the insurance industry? How have mobile developments increased the capabilities and effectiveness of agents? What will the claims [...]

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